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Kathy Crosby - She Does It All!

Kathy Crosby is a long-time professional entertainer who has led successful bluegrass and folk pop groups, served on various music and entertainment related boards, and is proud of her educational and advocacy work for all in the music industry. A full-time creative, Rev. Crosby not only writes music, but is also an author and vlogger. She works in partnership with her spouse, band mate and best friend - Tim Crosby.

Currently Kathy serves as President of the Oregon Festival and Events Association and is a Mentor for the Grammy U program offered through the Recording Academy.

Whether it's her weekly "Short and Sweet" sermonette posted to our Social Media pages, essays and poetry on Medium, award-winning songs or partnership pieces she's contracted for, Ms. Crosby has long made her living with words.

Along with performing as half the duo Phoenix with her husband Tim Crosby, she is a public speaker who focuses on how our commonalities can help solve so many of the issues that divide us.

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