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Knockdhu Reel for Easy Fiddle

Knockdhu Reel for Easy Fiddle

Knockdhu is a real place!


Knockdhu (from Irish: Cnoc Dubh, meaning "black hill") is a Bronze Age promontory fort and settlement situated approximately one mile to the west of Cairncastle. The site consists of a set of three banks and ditches, Bronze Age roundhouses, and a probable gatehouse. It was excavated for the first time in 2008 for a Time Team episode that was first broadcast on 18 January 2009.


Game of Thrones

Cairncastle then had its profile raised due to the filming of HBO's fantasy series Game of Thrones. Season One used the mountains above Cairncastle for the location where Ned Stark executed Will, the deserter from the Night's Watch. This was at Knock Dhu, a basalt escarpment above the village.


This tune, written by Ian Hardie and arranged by Tim Crosby for easy fiddle, will sweep you away and make you feel like a part of this ancient Irish history!

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